12m x 12m Artisan Cheese Building

a-vue-de-3-quartsMilène just received her herd of 45 goats last week and the “Fromagerie” must be ready before the milking and the cheese production starts in March.

The frozen ground and blue sky were perfect conditions to work in and we made fast progress.

By the end of Day 1, all the 100mm outside walls were up and we started work on the 60mm partitions.

By the end of Day 2, all the partitions were finished.

By the end of Day 3, the insulated ceiling was laid, the 5 x 12m long double cantilever were bolted and secured as well as the rafters to support the sheeting

Day 4 was all about sheeting, installing windows and PVC corners. The doors can’t be fitted until the finished floor is completed by her local contractors.

40m² Chemical laboratory in Swindon

The 8m x 5m x 3m chemical laboratory was installed in Swindon recently. With the help of directors Michael and Bradley, the lab was built in one day.

Having started the construction at 8am, the last PVC corner was fitted at 5pm.

The lab will be used to produce the flavours created for their client.

Open fronted Veg Prep + Offices in Derby

Zest Produce from Derby is moving into their new premises before the busy Christmas period.

Create A Cabin was able to deliver the building in record time. Assembling the buildings took 3 days thanks to our unique building system, the assisted built and the expertise of the home team consisting of Matt, Ashley and Mark.

The Veg prep room will remain open fronted to allow easy access and the building will be moved into final position when the drains are finished. The 6m span is easily bridged with the 60mm panel.

Thank you team for your hard work and good luck with the move.

Office 4m x 5m80 leaning on existing wall in Nottingham

This 4m x 5m80 office was installed in a warehouse Nottingham. The office leans on the existing brick wall. It was installed in 1 day with the help of Chris and Andy.

The electrician started work on Wednesday morning and the electricity was fitted the next day.



Milk tank parlor and office extension 17m x 6m50 x 3m


Patouillard Dalle2
Concrete slab with embedded electrics and plumbing and the milk tank
Patouillard Montage panneaux
Building around the milk tank
Patouillard Fixation Montants verticaux
Fixing the corners
Patouillard Cloison Intérieure 2
Building the partition inside
Patouillard Façade
The facade
Patouillard Fixation Ferme 2
Bolting the roof frame
Patouillard Fixation Ferme 1
Bolting the roof frame
Patouillard charpente
Roof steel structure assembled
Patouillard Bac acier
Positionning and fixing the corrugated metal sheets
Patouillard batiment entier
The building before fitting the doors, windows and finishes

The 17m x 6m50 x 3m office and milk tank rooms are built in 3 days with the help of the Moreau family and thanks to the construction assistance provided by Create A Cabin. The concrete slab is the exact dimension of the building and the milk tank is already into place for ease of installation.

The plumbing for the shower and WC is embedded into the concrete slab.

The roof does not rest on the ceiling but is supported by the vertical support. This roof is one sided and it is covered with corrugated sheets for water proofing.


Cheese making extension – Modular Building in KIT – 12mx12m

Paul Dalle + Hangar
The barn housing the cheese making room
Concrete floor with embedded water supply
Paul montage cloison extérieure
Starting with the back and side wall
Paul Cloison Intérieure
Building the inside partitions
Paul Pose Plafond
Positioning the 12m long ceiling
Paul Batiment monté
The building nearing complexion, doors and windows are next.

The modular building in kit arrives flat pack, all the panels are cut to size. It effectively is a giant lego with every panel labelled and ready to use.

This cheese making food prep room took us 3 days to build with the help of Nathalie and her family. The 12m ceiling was the most challenging part.